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Homosexuality and the Bible Series

“The Deep, Sound Gospel for All (especially LGBTQIA+)” - October 2, 2016

For those that missed the series "Homosexuality and The Bible" that Pastor Kurt did in June 2023 here is your chance to view all 3 sermons. If you think you know what these sermons are about, you are likely in for a surprise. These sermons take various texts from the Bible that have been used to terrorize and condemn LGBTQ+ people for thousands of years and put them in their proper social, cultural, and theological contexts to reveal God's universal, gospel message of love and acceptance. Have a view for the first time, or view again, to experience the love shared that many of us got to experience and embrace on these Sundays. 

Living Christ is an open and affirming member church of Reconciling in Christ, with 12 years in attendance at Pride in the Pines and a sponsor for the last 7 years. 

“Set Loose to Love” (Leviticus 18 in Context of Christ) 

“Love whom You Love: a reflection on Sodom and Gomorrah” 

“Beloved, Forgiven, and Accepted: Homosexuality and the Bible”