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Living Christ Lutheran Church


Service and Justice

Mission Statement

“In witness to Christ’s life in service, we strive to empower, collaborate with, and advocate for those in need of social justice.”

Basket Offering for January  

Flagstaff Shelter Services

Your donations are gratefully appreciated. Please mail your contributions in to the church office at 6401 N. US Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004. Thank you!

Living Christ is an active participant in the work of Northern Arizona Interfaith Council (NAIC), a non-partisan community organizing group. In partnership with other churches, faith-based groups, and local businesses, we currently organize and advocate around the issues of education, housing, immigration, and COVID-19. We also seek to collaborate with local, state, and federal elected officials on these issues and hold them accountable through public accountability sessions, which are open to the public. 

NAIC is having their annual Accountability Session on Thursday, September 17th at 6:30 p.m. by Zoom. Our Service and Justice Team and the Lack of Housing Options (LOHO) sub-team are deeply involved with this event. It will give those attending an opportunity to see the candidates and hear their positions concerning immigration, education and housing. If interested contact Vic Page ( to RSVP and get on the Zoom invite list. 


Flagstaff Shelter Services’ Needs

For the month of January, we will be collecting socks. We are also always collecting empty prescription bottles. Linda is at church Monday - Thursday from 7:00 – 11:00 a.m. and you can drop off items. 

 Flagstaff Family Food Center

The Flagstaff Family Food Center and Food Kitchen is asking for administrative volunteers. If you are interested, please email They also have two other requests: First - their shelves of food are being depleted at an alarming rate and are almost bare. They are having a "Virtual Food Drive" to help refill those shelves. If you are interested go to Secondly - they are having a "Harvest of Books Donation Request" event and they are looking for help in collecting Halloween costumes, pumpkins, pumpkin carving kits, prizes, and more. Please contact them at

Book: The Man in the Dog Park

A local story by a local author who lives in Flagstaff and has met and travelled with some of the city’s homeless men and women. Cathy met Ross (homeless at the time) in a dog park and over several years became good friends. We see homelessness and poverty thru a variety of eyes. As Ross said, there’s not much difference between homelessness (sleeping in the woods or in your car) and living in a small apartment. Poverty has the constant accompaniment of uncertainty, the attitude of others towards the way you look or where you live, the degradation of being a panhandler or a day laborer, and the emotional struggles that don't go away.

If you can “understand the slippery slope that allows people to slide into homelessness, your attention will be more to what causes the steepness and slipperiness of the slope, than to question about individual balancing ability, or the footwear that sliding individuals are wearing.” (pg. 134)