Mission Statement

“To provide educational opportunities to grow in one’s relationship with God, neighbors, and self.”

In August we will begin to read “The Invitational Christian” by Dave Daubert. 

After years of helping congregations renew their sense of mission and their spiritual energy, Dave Daubert continued to see that people who were excited about what God was doing in their church and in their lives were still slow to invite others in to join them. The COVID crisis made this even more real - how can we invite people to church when even we are't going? But whether on the ground or online, invitation is possible and essential to the Christian faith.

Based on a mix of research and common sense, this book walks through the barriers to invitation and what to do about them. It also outlines simple tools and teaching points that can help any congregation begin to become more invitational and more effective at reaching out to others. 

Written in Dave's popular and straightforward style, this book has concise chapters - each with a scripture passage, reflection/discussion questions and a closing prayer. This makes the book ideal for individual use or small group study. Your congregation can start to invite again!